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“Take Olina's Negotiate with Confidence course!
Negotiation is part of life, personally and professionally. Who wouldn't want to have the formula that lifts their chances of getting a raise, of closing a successful business negotiation or convincing your spouse to accept your desired vacation destination? And the course does exactly that: it gives you the fundamentals that guide you to success. It does it in a way that profoundly resonated with me. It's all about win-win strategies, where all parties attain their objectives, though it contemplates all kinds of real-life scenarios. I loved how the course was crystal-clear on what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. It is filled with specific tools and examples on how to use those tools. The image I came out of was that of negotiation as a vital, organic process, that you learn how to navigate with confidence. Best of all, Olina's attention, and the possibility of accessing all her real-life experience in negotiation. She knows what she is talking about. And she shares everything generously. So, definitely: take Olina's Negotiate with Confidence course.”

Consuela D.

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